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AUSTRALIA (colorizing foils)





ATTENTION: European, Oceana & Mid/Far East Customers!

H65The required laminator to use for this process for 220v operation would ideally be the 9"/200cm (A4 size) GBC model H65 or H200, 210, 212 or 220.

This unit is generally found in stationary stores or Google "GBC H65 Lamiantor". Also check your respective country's "eBay".

KK2000The Sulky"KK-2000" adhesive spray can not be included with international shipments out of the USA. You will have to secure this locally. We suggest you "Google" the search term "GUNOLD KK2000". The following Distributor list might also be of help to locate resellers within your country. Sulky Distributor ListThis unique spray is available at all good "fabric" type stores. It is used to hold down printed "patterns" to cut out cloth. There are two other "alcohol-based" sprays that work the same way but are not as good as the KK-2000. If you can't find this, look for Sullivan's "Quilt Basting Spray" or "T Trading Company "505".